The Wellness industry is a tricky one; while promoting taking care of ourselves, it can be incredibly difficult to do so when trying to run a business that aims to look after others.

P&P has been one of my biggest joys in the past year, and there is not a thing I would change about what has been. However, after lots of soul searching, I've come to realise that while trying to be everything to everyone, I've not taken care of myself. 

Success, we are told too often, is putting in every single hour and ounce into our work. And when you love what you do, you happily will do that. However, at some point, continuing like that has taken its toll on me, my relationships, friendships and overall wellbeing.

For that reason, I've decided to run P&P as a "Weekend Spot"; from Friday through to Sunday, all of your favourite vegan delights, smoothies, teas, coffees, and sweet desserts will be served from our now bigger space in the courtyard of Garrett House.

With these condensed hours, we hope to be able to serve more love with each thing that we serve out to you. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, and coffee catchups, post yoga, pre-yoga, or just in your active wear between popping to the shops. 

Wellness is about finding the balance in life; something that we are all striving for. Because life doesn't fit neatly into packets of "work", "relationships", "friendships" and "health". It all comes intertwined, messy, and we have to find our own way of enjoying and growing with the journey.

If there is anything that you would like to see from our proudly vegan eatery, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.


Naz & Lady

What Foods To Eat In Spring

Now that we are a few days into Spring, you might notice the weather changes affecting your mood and health. If you're feeling a little under the weather at the moment, fear not. Spring is a time of detox for the body. It's a time of shaking off the hibernation of winter and kickstarting again. The body is trying to ground itself, and as so the unpredictability of the weather can make us a bit more susceptible to bugs, colds and flus. 

The best cure for these is preventing them, by eating foods which are keeping to the time of year, namely - as far as possible - seasonal. 

Though this might seem a bit of a chore at first, it's actually pretty adaptable and easy to make your own.

The essential idea of macrobiotics is to incorporate food choices that are in keeping with the seasons. When the body is in balance with nature, it will be more balanced with in itself.


The organ that is most active in this cleansing month is the liver, so supporting this and the gallbladder is of most importance. Symptoms that your liver is out of balance include: fatigue, waking up in the night, stiff joints, irritability, hot flushes, and pain in the abdomen.

So, What foods should you enjoy most of in Spring, and what should you avoid to help balance the liver and align the body?

As ever, fried foods, processed foods and refined oils should be avoided.  These just cause extra work for the liver


- A lot of whole grains (brown rice, red rice, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, oats, spelt, freekeh, to name a few)

- A lot of veggies, including a lot of leafy greens (chard, spinach, kale, radishes, carrots, mushrooms)

- Legumes (beans, lentils, peas and chickpeas)

- Seaweed - any kind (wakame, nori, pulse). So incredibly rich in minerals and vitamins, and also wonderfully cleansing. 

Add sour flavours to your meals; lemon, lime, kraut. 

When in Winter you may have cooked things for longer, like soups and stews, Spring is a lighter time. Think blanching, steaming, raw, pressing and sprouting.  Add herbs as much as possible.

Try to eat no later than 7pm. Digestion is an incredible, and sometimes long process. If your body is still digesting when you go to bed, your sleep will be disrupted and the whole detoxing process will be offset.

Pop into the cafe to try our Spring salads Tuesday-Friday 8.30am-3.30pm and Saturday 9.30am-2pm.


Vegan Pancakes for Pancake Day

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 18.17.23.png

NEWS: This Tuesday, 28th February, we will be serving our Buckwheat Pancakes from 8.30-12.30pm. If you fancy making your own, read on for the recipe!

If you don't eat flour, eggs, sugar, butter and milk, fear not, you don't have to miss out on Pancake Day. The internet is awash with lots of vegan-friendly, healthy pancake options, which actually taste better than the traditional highly unhealthy versions.

In truth, before I was vegan, I could never get traditional pancakes right. I know, they're hardly complex, but I never really liked the flavour and I could never do the flipping thing. Devastation.

Below is my own favourite pancake recipe. Delicious, soft in the middle, incredibly morish AND healthy!! I prefer thicker pancakes, but if you want these thinner, just add some more almond milk.

Buckwheat, Maple & Cinnamon Pancakes
(makes 3 pancakes)

- 2 handfuls of oats, blitzed in a processor
- 3 tablespoons of buckwheat flour (or buckwheath, blitzed in a processor)
- Half a teaspoon of baking powder
- 1 banana, mashed
- Quarter teaspoon of himalayan salt
- 2 tablespoons of almond milk
- Half teaspoon of cinnamon
- Quarter teaspoon of vanilla essence
- 2 tablespoons of maple syrup (and more to top)
- Optional strawberries, grapes, kiwi, bananas and nuts for topping
- Coconut oil (for heating the pan) 

1. In a large bowl, mash up the banana.
2. Stir in the buckwheat flour, oats, baking powder, salt,
cinnamon, vanilla essence, maple syrup and almond milk
3. Stir well. If too runny, add a bit more flour.
4. In a large frying pan, heat half a teaspoon of coconut oil per pancake.
5. Take a large spoonful of mixture and drop into the pan and form a round shape
6. Fry on each side for around 3 minutes, until bubbling and the sides hardening 7. Carefully turn over and fry for 1-2 minutes on the second side.
8. Top with anything you like, maple syrup is especially good for a gooey, caramel flavour. 


Why you should scrap the "New Year, New Me" Resolutions

It's always the way that, that little week after Christmas, we all tend to feel a little trodden on, having lived in excess for about a month. So we start saying "Right that's it, new year, new me".

What I've always hated about the whole "new year, new me" mantra is that it implies that you've failed. Almost like, let's scrap everything and start from scratch, you loser. It's this idea of perfection that drives us all into setting "big bold" resolutions, and feeling disappointed when they don't manifest and we don't burst into a glorious Phoenix. 

The thing about this journey we call life, is that it's a brick by brick thing. We build on each year with more than we had before...even if that is mostly a few pounds from Christmas. But seriously, it's all about getting more of what makes you happy. The thing about living in a place where, really, we have a lot more than a lot of other places, is we focus on all the bad things rather than the good things. I don't believe you need a new you. If you want more, ask what "more" means? Maybe just look for more inspiration to feed your positive energy.

What I do love about the new year is that feeling of hope and drive. Like we are ready to take on anything. I think you should scrap the very negative "New You" resolution, for just a more relaxed, positive start. Goals are amazing things; they drive us toward growth. But, when they stem from a place of feeling like you're not enough the way you are, they rarely lead to true growth.

 We are all guilty of being "too busy" for things that really matter and affect the day to day workings of our brain and body. I hope you will join me in fuelling your body with more of what makes it thrive and leaves you feeling happier and healthier. Because ultimately, if you feel good, that's going to reflect in everything you do.

Start small and see where you end up. Once you start seeing positive changes, it's easy to go on. When I say listen more, that means trying different things out. I've been guilty of wanting a "fix it" for feeling tired, puffy, foggy, but the truth is, it took a bit of effort to see a real difference. And, like all of us over December, excess drinking and eating has left me feeling sluggish. I've started small, by making sure that Green Goddess is made every morning without fail. That is what works for me. That might not be the same for you, but I encourage you to try. You never know how much this tiny change can alter the rest of your day.

We are open from 8.30am on Tuesday 3rd January 2017, with an array of exciting, healthy food and drinks to get you off to a good start.



Nourish, energise and glow in 2017.


Christmas Event

Christmas Event

Everyone loves a party, and we are so excited to be throwing our first little Christmas event with the wonderful Downdog + Crow aka Downdog & Snow on the 8th of December. Spaces are limited, but we've released a new wave of tickets here (under 8th December), so be sure to grab yours before they're gone.

Starting at 6.30pm, there are going to be 3 fabulous classes (Pounding, Pilates & Barre) with a DJ, followed by some food by us, fizz, festive merriment and goody bags. Expect glitter, fairy lights, fire pits, great energy and lots of fun.

For any questions, please email