The time has come for me to break the news that I've been putting off for a while. The 27th of January will be the last day that P&P will be operating from the little place we’ve called home for the past 17 month, 5 Park Street.

Due to reasons still unknown to us, the landlord has decided to end the terms of the lease.

As you, our ever encouraging, loyal customers know, P&P and Downdog & Crow have become so much more than a Yoga Studio and Little Vegan Cafe; out of nowhere, we had a little community of dreams and ideas. You’ve each helped us grow from tiny seeds of hope to destinations that people will repeatedly come to, leaving brighter than when they arrived.

I can’t begin to thank each one of you enough for all your kindness and support these past 17 months. From each customer, who became a friend, to my unwavering family, especially my mum who helped make my illegible recipes in the early days, and my dad who fixed all array of DIY issues; my friends who helped me cook or sampled new dishes, stayed up late into the night putting up decorations, researching business plans and going to garden centres for plants and helping at workshops; then there are those who travelled miles to come grab a cookie, became addicted to Almond Mylk Flat Whites, and batch ordered twixx bars. To my girls who worked Saturday shifts when we realised it was too busy for me to work alone, my members of staff over the weekends, who cooked and cleaned and smiled even through training and making 400 avocado toasts in 2 hours (that’s what it felt like at times), and sharing my love of hip hop. And we can’t forget friends who would just step up to a shift if there was an emergency, winging making a Turmeric Black & Gold Latte or raw vegan wrap without complaining that I’d never even shown them how to do it.

Undoubtedly, one of my biggest thanks goes to Suzanne, without whom I would have never had the courage to open up in the first place. With every Matcha, through every hard day either of us had, Suze never stopped believing in us and encouraging me to do more, and be better. We’ve laughed every day, cried some days, but mostly just been able to be true to ourselves.

They say the only certain thing in life is change, and though it can be scary, beautiful things can come from that. I didn’t know we would have this unforgettable, completely unpredictable journey that we’ve had at Plants & Pilates. And though I’m not entirely certain what will happen from here, I do know we can continue to create joy from the unexpected.