When I first went plant-based, I wanted to find a way to get a morning boost of nutrients. This is the original tastey recipe I always come back to. Sometimes I “bulk” it up with some blueberries, nectarines, peaches, basically anything! But, the below recipe is the most balanced flavour that I always come back to. You can also jazz it up with nuts, seeds and super powders (acai, spirulina, maca). Play around until you find one you love.



1 Banana

half a pear

handful of spinach

handful of kale

quarter inch of ginger

quarter inch of celery

teaspoon of ground flaxseed

coconut water or cashew nut milk (enough to cover the ingredients)


Add everything to the blender and whizz. If you want a thicker, cooler smoothie, freeze the banana and pear before blending.